Become a Waldorf  Teacher.
Weekend classes in Chicago.

Are you ready to love your job and have impact? Waldorf Teacher Institute Chicago offers Early Childhood, Grade School and Specialty teacher programs in a convenient weekend format. Prepare for a transformative experience in Waldorf teacher training. You’ll learn from inspired Waldorf instructors with active long term classroom experience.

Enroll in the Waldorf Teacher Institute: Chicago and explore your own potential. With twenty-five years of excellence, Waldorf Teacher Institute (formerly called Arcturus) has provided engaged, motivated and open-minded individuals with a professional Waldorf Teacher Education program. We offer a view into the life of the developing child and young adult, which transforms the teacher-student experience into something that is alive and growing. Participants often report their own strong personal growth and development, through weekend classes in a collaborative environment.

Are you:
1) Already a teacher and want to earn a Waldorf Certification?
2) Looking to explore a more rewarding career?
3) Looking for professional development?
4) A parent who wants to study child development?—after all, you are you child’s first teacher.

Early Childhood, Grade School and High School Instructors bring years of experience. We share stories and situations of how the theory meets practice in the classroom. Waldorf Education draws upon 100 years of passionate teachers, striving to enliven children by meeting them where they live—the heart, mind and body.

Want to explore what teaching was meant to be?

Our campus is an active Waldorf School.

Waldorf Teacher Institute: Chicago offers participants the largest midwestern Waldorf School as its facilities. You will learn and collaborate in an iconic K-12 school, that holds architectural landmark status. It is located on two main streets in the vibrant (and hip) Andersonville neighborhood. Within two to three blocks are bookstores, cafe’s, local boutiques and restaurants with diverse ethnic offerings.  You won’t be bored after classes or on lunch breaks and street parking is generally easy to find.

We value people. We value teachers.

Waldorf Teacher Institute: Chicago (formerly Arcturus) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate adults on the unique pedagogy initiated by Rudolf Steiner; but whose practical application has been developed and honed by 100 years of dedicated and creative teachers worldwide. These methods are often learned directly from one person to another and our institute provides a unique setting to allow that learning to happen.  Our teaching mission fosters a learn-do structure to bring warmth and balance to education.

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education. ~ Rudolf Steiner .

Waldorf Teacher Institute is committed to increasing the integrity of the teaching profession with rich and creative methods.  We actively facilitate of art of teaching by providing Student teaching opportunities and engagement in school festivals.

Rigorous academics are brought to the child with lessons that feature archetypal stories, combined with movement, the outdoors, fine arts, handwork arts, and music.  This creates an environment which is reverent, imaginative and full of opportunity for the growing child. The life of a Waldorf teacher can also provide a wealth of personal development. Imagine what can happen when you love your job.

We help you learn how to recognize distinct developmental levels in the growing child. Instructors will help you learn the importance of seeing the consciousness take shape in a child and how that can inform how you teach and create a love for learning.





“I love children and teaching music.  This program is inspiring and rigorous.”

ISSAC, 2nd year student

“I am exploring teaching at this point in my life and I did not know what to expect from this program.  Honestly it’s been life changing.  I love it and look forward to the class sessions.”

ADRIAN, 1st year student

“This program has certainly stirred my passion and I now believe I will go on to study Eurythmy in depth.  Thank you !”

XUEFEN, 2nd year student

“I have many years experience in Early Childhood classrooms and this program is helping me complete my Waldorf Certificate so I lead my own classroom.  I am so inspired by the teachers at Waldorf Teacher Institute.”

KAROLINA, 3rd year student

Discover the Joy of Teaching

Waldorf Teacher Institute: Chicago
formerly Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program